• Wines

Weathered by time, in the middle of the vines, trees and flowers, lies the charming XVII century château of Chaintres.
The 20 hectares vineyard is protected by its walls. It was planted in 1675 by the Oratoriens of Notre Dame of Ardilliers who chose this place for its sunshine and positioning.
The vines, aged between 40 and 50 years, are cultivated naturally.


• To visit

Step back in time and walk through history when you enter this unique site where 100 years of human
adventure and technical achievement have been recreated.
Videos, graphics and panoramas will guide you through each era from 1916 to the present day.

More than 200 tanks from 17 different countries are displayed in an area covering 10,000 m2.
The visit will enthral families and is of special interest to armoured enthusiasts as well. The visit ends in the children’s’ hall
where anyone can climb into a tank and experience the reality of armour.

Don’t forget the air-conditioned shop next to the cafeteria (serving hot and cold drinks and snacks).

All in all an unforgettable visit of an hour and a half, to two hours awaits you here in Saumur.

MONTREUIL-BELLAY, Une invitation à l’émerveillement (49)

• To Visit

The “Plus beaux détours de France » are small tourist towns where you are always sure of finding a warm welcome and somewhere to stay, interesting historical sites, a unique identity, good food, a range of crafts and, of course, a lively market or a local festival. Our town is also classified as a “petite cité de caractère” (little town with lots of character), “station verte” (natural resort) and “Ville fleurie” with 3 flowers, a label indicating quality of life.

At the junction of Anjou and Poitou, Montreuil Bellay is special for its outstanding mediaeval buildings.
The village still has three rings of ramparts, fortifiedentrances and its castle. It is in a green setting on the River Thouet, with the accent on nature and water sports. The magnificent Saint-Pierre stairway provides a superb panoramic view over the Thouet and links
the lower and upper parts of the town. Explore all the striking architecture by following the heritage trail: the gateways, the ramparts, the Saint-Jean hospital and the Nobis Priory with exhibitions throughout the season, the collegiate church, the private houses with their spiral staircases…or stroll around the botanic gardens and the Nobis site with its île aux Moines (Monks island).

Come and enjoy some of our regular events: the Book and Arts Show in February, the Thouet in Spring, the comic book festival and Les Médiévales in May, the music festival in June and the gypsy music festival in August, Festivini (wine festival), the national heritage days and the cinema festival in September, the Autumn festival in October, and the Christmas Market to round off the year in the middle of December.


• To Visit

Baugé is proud of its heritage. Its castle in the pre- Renaissance style was built by René d’Anjou from 1454 on the ruins of an old XI century fortress.
Today with the Parcours Spectacle show, you can be the guest of King René d’Anjou, rubbing shoulders with personalities from the
100 Years War, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
The 17th century Hôtel Dieu in Baugé houses one of the finest historical apothecaries in France.

Come and find out about medicines and treatments used at that time.

PIERRE ET LUMIÈRE – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• To visit

Go for an hour’s walk underground in Pierre et Lumière and you will be able to see castles, churches, towns and villages
from the Anjou and Touraine regions carved into the ‘tuffeau’ limestone.

The whole family will enjoy seeing some of the jewels of the Loire valley sculpted in great detail.

LA GRANGE À DIME – Montreuil-Bellay (49)

• Where having lunch

A genuine 15th century Lord of the Manor’s barn where the “dîme” (rural tax) was collected.

It has been a restaurant since 1995. Today the Grange à Dîme offers delicious local specialities, including
the traditional fouée, fresh stuffed mushrooms, mogette beans with duck confit, farm produced goat cheese
and fine wines from Anjou.

Come and eat, drink and be merry, only a quarter of an hour from Saumur.

CAVES VEUVE AMIOT – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• Wines

Founded in 1884 by Elisa Amiot, «Maison Veuve Amiot» offers you a free «Discovery Tour».
Free guided tour of the cellars and production site througout 6 kilometers of galleries.
Free commented tasting. A world of flavours is waiting for you.

Discount of 10 % on your purchases at the cellar on presentation of the guide.

Wide range of Saumur and Crémant de Loire.


LE CADRE NOIR – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• To visit

The French national riding school will be open to the public from February, the 4th to November, the 2th 2018 and offers guided visits, public performances and official galas.

During the guided visits, you’ll learn about the history of the Cadre Noir and discover the main facilities of the school.
Public performances and galas offer you the chance to appreciate the skill of the riders in the school’s main indoor arena.

RESTAURANT DE LA CAVE AUX MOINES – Préban – Chênehutte (49)

• Where having lunch

The underground restaurant at the Cave aux Moines “Les Pieds Bleus” offers genuine regional specialities: fouées, flat bread cooked in wood fired ovens which you will enjoy garnished with regional products, just as in time gone by.

You will also be able to try, troglodyte style, the mushrooms grown in the restaurant cellars.

SAUT AUX LOUPS – Montsoreau (49)

• To visit

From the cave and on to the plate! Set in the hillside facing the Loire, the Saut aux Loups combines a site to visit and a troglodyte restaurant.

Take a tour of the mushroom galleries which have been in production for over a century (1 hour). Then, in the restaurant, you can taste the famous “galipettes” (stuffed mushrooms) and other specialities based on mushrooms!
35,000 visitors a year.

LA SEIGNEURIE – Saumur (49)

• Wines

Alban Foucher, 3rd generation at La Seigneurie, is one of the last wine producers within the town of Saumur, situated between Saumur castle and the Tank Museum.

Come and taste the latest vintage and the whole range of wines including Saumur Champigny, Saumur, and Crémant de Loire…. Between 5€ and 15€.

BOUVET LADUBAY – ST Hilaire St Florent (49)

• Wines

Etienne Bouvet created the Bouvet Ladubay company in 1851, thus associating his wife’s name with his brand name.
Within a few years, the fine sparkling wines of Bouvet- Ladubay, Saumur Brut & Crémant de Loire, were exported worldwide.

An expertise recognized by the granting of more than 460 medals in 40 years. Along the 5km of galleries, visitors will discover all the stages of winemaking with, in the heart of the cellars, more than 1000 oak barrels and a sunken cathedral (made up of 35 monumental sculptures).

Including :
Contemporary Art Center, nineteenth century Theatre, Wine Tasting School, Seminar Rooms.
Visit of the cellar by Vintage Bicycle and and new – Heritage tour, October to may.


• Where having lunch

The Nobles Fouées is a troglodyte restaurant offering that local speciality the fouée: a flat bread cooked in a wood oven
and served with local produce.

Three rooms in a cavern with under floor heating make for an unusual and cosy setting.
You can also enjoy the musical bar, the Lucifer, every weekend.

A typical setting for the Saumur region, only 5 minutes from the town centre and other tourist sites, and a good evening
is guaranteed!

VISITE DE LA CAVE AUX MOINES – Préban – Chênehutte (49)

• To visit

Dug by men from the XIIth century onwards to extract the stone, « the tuffeau » destined for building, The Cave aux Moines was used as far back as the beginning of the XXth century to cultivate mushrooms.

Tour the working mushroom farm and as the same time, discover what it was like to live in cave dwellings, see the snail cave and a wine cellar (wine tasting and sales).

LE MOULIN DE SARRÉ – Gennes (49)

• To visit

Even today it is places and know-how which remind us of the flavours of the good products of yesteryear.
The Sarré Mill is one of these places.

The last of nine water mills which used to turn along the river Avort, the Sarré Mill produces ground flour
which is used to made good bread.

The Lauriou family invite you to enjoy this crossroads between nature and tradition where they have been
millers for four generations. During your visit you will discover the recently renovated runnel wheel.
This wheel drives a system of cogs intended to multiply the driving force from the Avort fountain jet of water,
transferring this energy to the millstone which grinds the grain.

Guided tours at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm on Tuesdays, wednesdays and Thursdays in July and August, unaccompanied tours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 6pm.
By appointment for groups at other times.


• Wines

In the heart of the Saumur Champigny appellation, at Parnay, the Domaine de Rocheville welcomes you to spend
an unforgettable moment in a family wine estate, finalist to the 2019 winetourism trophies.

The winery is in the contemporary architectural style, unique in the Loire valley, surrounded by vines
and overlooking the Loire.

There are lots of things for you to do: stroll through the vines, visit the winery, enjoy musical gourmet events,
or simply discover our wines with the Terra Vitis and Agriculture Biologique labels, which are renowned for their elegance and finesse.

MAISON DES VINS – Saumur (49)

• Wines

A great showcase for the wine producers from Anjou and Saumur. The Maison des Vins is open all year and keen to share the Anjou and Saumur vineyards with you. Not to be missed if you want to discover the wines of Anjou and Saumur.

A careful selection every year means we can show you the treasures from our region. 27 AOCs represented in 63 different wines which you can taste in a warm, intimate setting.


• To visit

At «Martin de Candre» we have been making organic soaps using traditional techniques since 1974.

In our boutique showroom, a digital slide-show will takes you through the soap-making stages.
From the 1st of June 2010, we boast an exceptional soap museum: a century of saop advertising posters
is displayed.

A warm welcome, an exciting visit awaits you !

LANGLOIS-CHATEAU – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• Wines

Since 1885 the house of Langlois-Chateau has retained its family atmosphere and is as remarkable wine site.
The vines overlook the cellars, which are dug into the tuffeau.

The site offers ‘Behind the Scenes at the Winery’, a presentation in 4 acts :

1- Introduction to oenology in the wine school.
2- Visit of cellars with wine presses and fermenting tanks for white and red wines.
3- Visit of 300 meters of underground cellars, to understand the different stages of the traditional method.
4- Commentated, comparative tasting of still and sparkling wines.


• Accomodation - Where Having Lunch

Imagine an elegant castle overlooking a magnificent Loire River landscape… You are at the Prieuré in Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault, just at 10 minutes from Saumur. Welcoming you, is a 4-star castle hotel brimming with refinement and the French art of living.
With a majestic view over the Loire River, the Prieuré’s restaurant, Le Castellane, welcoming you for lunch and dinner every day during the height of the season andfrom Wednesday to Sunday between mid-October and early April.

Whether dining with friends, family or business colleagues, the Chef Richard Prouteau offers a menu with a selection of delicately crafted dishes with each seasonal product from the best local producers, before creating refined and gourmet dishes.

LES JARDINS DU PUYGIRAULT – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• To visit

In an estate listed by the French Heritage Foundation, walk from garden to garden.

From the Picking area to the Antique Garden, from the Medicinal Garden to the Medieval kitchen garden and further to the Inner garden, discover 14 areas of pleasure which recount the development of kitchen gardens from the earliest days of land farming.

31 juillet et 1er août : LES GRANDES TABLÉES DU SAUMUR-CHAMPIGNY (49)

• Wines

Since they created the Grandes Tablées, the Saumur Champigny wine producers have always been determined to give you the
best that the Saumur region can produce. This year for the 19th time, on 31 July and 1 August, they are sure to provide a good menu for the 6,000 meals.

For everyone unable to get a place at a table and for the thousands of people strolling about having a glass of wine they
have arranged a superb concert of regional music for the second part of the evening. After 7 years’ absence the iconic Saumur and
Anjou group La Ruda will be back on stage so the wine producers decided to get into festival mood and invite the best musicians in the
region at the moment. KO KO MO, the rock duo from Nantes, with an international tour, and two rising groups from Saumur: Simawé,
the revelation of the year at the Reggae awards, and Wild Fox, often on tour.

This year again there will be more than 2 km of tables set up in front of the Town Hall alongside the greatest river in France,
transforming the heart of Saumur into a giant open-air restaurant.


• Where having lunch

The Caves de Marson were created 32 years ago and still serve the traditional “fouées”.
Mr et Mme Noyer, look forward to welcoming you to this superb, candlelit restaurant in a cave in Marson, the “fouée”capital.
The ideal place for a lively meal with friends or family, 5 minutes from the Cadre Noir and 10 minutes from Saumur.
Booking recommended.


• To Visit

As you travel the back roads toward the châteaux of the Loire Valley, stop a while in Anjou in Baugeois-Vallée; a
dynamic friendly region.
King René’s castle in Baugé, built during the 15th century, provides an opportunity to learn about the unique historical figure.
In another style, Montgeoffroy symbolizes the 18th century art de vivre (art of living).
You can also explore the châteaux and manors, all of which are of real historical interest.
THE must-see: the Hôtel-Dieu in Baugé. It houses a 17th century pharmacy preserved in its original state.

You will be surprise by the collections of the Jules Desbois Museum and Joseph Denais Museum. Step into a different age !
How twisted! No, you’re not hallucinating: these spires are in fact twisted!
Six churches bear these twisted or crooked spires. When you push open the doors to the region’s churches, real treasures await you, like the murals painted in the church in Pontigné and the 19th century stained glass windows in Beaufort-en-Vallée.
Ancient embroidery from liturgical vestments is preserved at the Museum of Sacral Art in Cheviré-le-Rouge.

The Anjou Cross, the gem of goldsmithing that became the Lorraine Cross in 1477 is in the Girouardière chapel in Baugé !
You enjoy strolling in gardens so discover the grounds at the Château de Gastines and the topiaries, the botanical gardens at Breil de Foin, and the Château du Bouchet.
As for the Château de Lathan in Breil, it will enchant you with its maze and its mysterious underground passage.
The natural heritage is royal with its wild river, national forests, the countryside in natural. In these landscapes the ride is a queen there. The small hikes are multiple the GR36 is unique in the Noyant region.

The touring cyclists can as for them pedal without danger on V44 and loops bikes which cross the small country roads.

Activities of leisure in the heart of nature to take the breath away of you… Treetop adventure, Golf, Horse riding,
Fishing…. With a quality welcome !

LE GARAGE gîte & Boutique – Fontevraud l’Abbaye (49)

• To visit

Historical, unusual and welcoming… Stay at Le Garage in Fontevraud

A holiday home : Emmanuelle and Fabien welcome you to their old family manor near the Abbey in the heart of Fontevraud. Built of tuffeau stone, fully restored and decorated in the style of 1900.
The holiday home designed for 12 guests is comfortable and modern.

Shop : Unmissable if you want to stock up on souvenirs, local produce and above all the wines from Fabien Duveau, the eighth generation of wine producers at Chacé.

LE MUSÉE DU CHAMPIGNON – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• To visit

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the Saumur region.
Wild and cultivated mushrooms.
12 tonnes of mushrooms are grown in the darkness of the underground galleries each year.
A fascinating world to be discovered. After the visit you can sample some mushrooms in a pretty cave dwelling.