VILLAGE D’ARTISTES – Rablay sur Layon (49)

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Not to be missed – the artists village is completely dedicated to contemporary creative arts and crafts. It is arranged on three levels:
the creators’ shops are on the ground floor, the modern art gallery is on the first floor and the art library, with works of art for hiring, is on the second floor. Come and visit this unusual place in Maine et Loire where the accent is firmly on the artists and craftsmen.

24 & 25 août 2019 : 17ème marché des Potiers – Rablay-sur-Layon (49)

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A unique event in the Layon area, with thirty or more potters exhibiting their latest creations.
Organised by the Village d’Artistes, a wide range of different techniques can be seen: stoneware, pottery, porcelain,
Raku ware.
The aim is to showcase this tradition going back thousands of years, through the imagination, the artistic talent, and the personal expression of today’s ceramists.
List of exhibitors available at the market.
Free entry, with demonstrations and events during the two days, and food available on site on Sunday.
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LE BIOPARC – Doué-la-Fontaine (49)

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Located in the heart of Anjou, the Bioparc is the only troglodyte zoo in the world. Over 1200 animals live in an exceptional natural setting dedicated to the protection of endangered species. Dug into the rock, our tunnels will lead you from one environment to the next. A trip filled with emotions in a true mineral and vegetal labyrinth!

Ghosts of the Himalayas
Elusive ghosts in the mountains, the herbivorous markhor, the carnivorous snow leopard and the scavenger vultures await you.
Dare walk into the tunnel leading to their arena carved into the rock and attend the spectacular meal of scavengers!

The rhino Valley
Go and meet the big fauna of African plains. Once you have walked past the lions and cheetahs, go alongside the rhino valley dug out of the rock and watch the impressive black rhinos and the gazelles. Children will be able to stroke goats and have fun meeting mongooses on an unusual gallery tour!

Okapi Sanctuary
Take your time to watch the mysterious okapis and explore their forest habitant boasting about 20 bird
species and some African primates.

Giraffe Camp
Muses of the Bioparc, the giraffes await you for their daily afternoon tea of leaves!
Enjoy a privileged meal at the restaurant overlooking the quarry they share with zebras.



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Come and discover a new underground world in the city of roses, near «The Mystery of the Faluns» & Center Parcs.
You’ll be able to taste the local specialty : the Fouaces and the Fouées in an ancient stone quarry.
You’ll be able to visit the underground in son et lumière after the meal.

LE MYSTÈRE DES FALUNS – Doué-en-Anjou (49)

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The Perrières is famous for its monumental size and is now home to the spectacular “Mystery of the Faluns”*, which has
made it one of the most visited sites in Anjou. As you progress from cave to cave you will enjoy the magnificent beauty of the
site and its geological and human history. You will be amazed by a series of imaginative works, blending art and science,
plunging you into a magical underground and underwater world.

An informative film, exciting lighting, walls glowing blue, a ballet of jellyfish, a water mirror, a shark, a whale and atmospheric music… An unforgettable experience for the whole family! Allow from 45 minutes to one hour..

*One star in the 2016 Michelin Guide Vert


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This unique site in Europe, one among listed heritage sites, brings to light the astonishing roles of cave dwellings :
the great underground shelter at the time of the Vikings ; the chapel ; the «cathedral» caves ; the troglodytic farm ;
the wine cellar and the oven, not forgetting the prestigious quarry of Merovingian sarcophagi discovered by archeologists.
You travel through 1500 years of history


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A real plus for this region, the caves are an unusual feature of Doué-la-Fontaine, with great historical interest.
Visitors who follow the guided visit to the underground world at La Sablière will discover a magical site. Tourists will be
plunged into a fascinating universe, with contemporary sculptures carved into the falun rock.
Alain, your guide, will tell you about the history of the troglodyte caves.  You can also meet the sculptors on certain dates.

Stroll through a garden planted with sweet-scented roses when you visit this restored former farm.
Tools and implements from days gone by can be seen in the original buildings. You can stroke the friendly
farm animals throughout the visit. See the rosewater distillery to discover our speciality and find out all its secrets.
The shop stocking traditionally made rose products is open all year round.