PARC ORIENTAL – Maulévrier (49)

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The maulévrier oriental park is the story of the rebirth of a forgotten garden. It was originally created at the beginning of the 20th century when alexandre marcel, the famous architect and expert on the orient, redesigned the gardens of château colbert with the help of the gardeners and his parents-in-law, the owners. A forgotten garden: when Alexandre Marcel died, the garden fell into a state of abandon between 1940 and 1980 and many of the plant varieties and garden structures were lost.

Japanese experts: since 1980 the park has belonged to Maulevrier town council and is managed by
a charitable association. With the help of numerous volunteers and permanent staff the garden was gradually restored.

In 1987, 3 Japanese experts recognised the park as an example of the great landscape gardens of the Edo period (17th and 19th century), with historical and symbolic importance. Since then, 12 hectares
have been transformed into a Japanese landscape and receive permanent attention from gardeners and
landscape artists.

Night-time walk, Japonese tales: After visiting the park during the day, take a stroll around the lake between darkness and light, punctuated by traditional Japanese tales for old and young. The walk takes about an hour and half. Last entry 11.30pm. The garden closes at half past midnight.