• Leasure

Taste the sensations of flying with your family, friends or coworkers ! Practice karting safely on one of the most beautiful tracks on the Franch circuit. Loudun’s go-kart welcomes you to a wooded and shaded space with these tables and bench too hase a good time, even in the heat of heat. You’ll also have something to freshen up and fill in the little cravings.

MARTIN DE CANDRE – Fontevraud-l’Abbaye (49)

• To Visit

Since 1974, our artisanal and family soap has been perpetuating the traditional saponification of «hot empâtage» at the Domaine de Mestré. In the old farm of the Abbey of Fontevraud, you will be amazed by the charm of our boutique-exhibition where a wide variety of toiletries.

Each step of our know-how is revealed to you thanks to our museum «Quand le savon fait sa pub». Between the soap factory and its museum, get ready for an unforgettable oldfactory journey !


• To visit

Stroll through a garden planted with sweet-scented roses when you visit this restored former farm. Tools and implements from days gone by can be seen in the original buildings. You can stroke the friendly farm animals throughout the visit. See the rosewater distillery to discover our speciality and find out all its secrets. The shop stocking traditionally made rose products is open all year round.

LA SEIGNEURIE – Saumur (49)

• Wines

Alban Foucher, 3rd generation, is one of the last winegrowers within the city of Saumur, situated close to the Castle and the Tank Museum. In its 3rd year of organic conversion, come and taste our range of wines : Saumur-Champigny, Saumur, Crémant de Loire… between 7€ and 17€.

LE MOULIN DE SARRÉ – Gennes (49)

• To visit

Even today it is places and know-how which remind us of the flavours of the good products of yesteryear. The Sarré Mill is one of these places.

The last of nine water mills which used to turn along the river Avort, the Sarré Mill produces ground flour which is used to made good bread.

The Lauriou family invite you to enjoy this crossroads between nature and tradition where they have been millers for four generations.

During your visit you will discover the recently renovated runnel wheel. This wheel drives a system of cogs intended to multiply the driving force from the Avort fountain jet of water, transferring this energy to the millstone which grinds the grain.

Guided tours at 3 pm, 4 pm, and 5 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in July and August, unaccompanied tours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3 pm to 6 pm.
By appointment for groups at other times.

AU GRÉ DES VENTS – Contres (49)

• To Visit

Au gré des Vents (At the whim of the wind) offers flights in hot-air balloons. Take off from or near the grounds of a well-known castle : Cheverny, Chenonceau, Chaumont sur Loire, Blois or Chambord. Float over the Touraine or Sologne region, flying over surprising countryside propelled by the wind.
Flights are available at sunrise or a few hours before sunset, when the light is at its most beautiful.

VISITE DE LA CAVE AUX MOINES – Préban – Chênehutte (49)

• To visit

Dug by men from the XIIth century onwards to extract the stone, « the tuffeau » destined for building, The Cave aux Moines was used as far back as the beginning of the XXth century to cultivate mushrooms.

Tour the working mushroom farm and as the same time, discover what it was like to live in cave dwellings and a wine cellar (wine tasting and sales).


• To Visit

Near from Saumur and Angers make superb discoveries in Baugeois-Vallée, enchanted territory in Anjou.

Chateaux and Mansions :
The chateau of Baugé offers you to discover the king René’s Palace. In another style, Montgeoffroy in Mazé symbolizes the 18th century art de vivre (art of living) and the numerous chateaux and mansions of the region reveal you t he History of France.

Great Treasures :
THE must-see : the Hôtel-Dieu in Baugé and the 17th century pharmacy preserved in its original state, the collections of the Jules Desbois and Joseph Denais Museums, the famous twisted spires And The Anjou Cross, the gem of goldsmithing that became the Lorraine Cross in 1477.

An exceptional natura setting :
You enjoy strolling in gardens so discover the botanical parks in the region’s chateaux.
The natural heritage is royal with its wild river, national forests. In these landscapes the ride is a queen there. Also enjoy many leisure activities, Treetop adventure, Golf, Horse riding, Fishing.



• To Visit

A real plus for this region, the caves are an unusual feature of Doué-la-Fontaine, with great historical interest. Visitors who follow the guided visit to the underground world at La Sablière will discover a magical site. Toursits will be plunged into a fascinating universe, with contemporary sculptures carved into the falun rock. Alain, your guide, will tell you about the story of the troglodyte caves. You can also meet the sculptors on certain dates.

BOUVET LADUBAY – ST Hilaire St Florent (49)

• Wines

Etienne Bouvet created the Bouvet Ladubay company in 1851, thus associating his wife’s name with his brand name. Within a few years, the fine sparkling wines of Bouvet-Ladubay, Saumur Brut & Crémant de Loire, were exported worldwide. An expertise recognized by the granting of more than 500 medals in 40 years. Along the 5km of galleries, visitors will discover all the stages of winemaking with, in the heart of the cellars, more than 1000 oak barrels and a sunken cathedral (made up of 35 monumental sculptures).
Including : Contemporary Art Center, nineteenth century Theatre, Wine Tasting School, Seminar Rooms.
Visit of the cellar by Vintage Bicycle and Heritage tour
Discover : the Horse-Drawn Vehicles Collection of Saumur

PARC ORIENTAL – Maulévrier (49)

• To visit

The maulévrier oriental park is the story of the rebirth of a forgotten garden. It was originally created at the beginning of the 20th century when alexandre marcel, the famous architect and expert on the orient, redesigned the gardens of château colbert with the help of the gardeners and his parents-in-law, the owners. A forgotten garden: when Alexandre Marcel died, the garden fell into a state of abandon between 1940 and 1980 and many of the plant varieties and garden structures were lost.

Japanese experts: since 1980 the park has belonged to Maulevrier town council and is managed by
a charitable association. With the help of numerous volunteers and permanent staff the garden was gradually restored.

In 1987, 3 Japanese experts recognised the park as an example of the great landscape gardens of the Edo period (17th and 19th century), with historical and symbolic importance. Since then, 12 hectares
have been transformed into a Japanese landscape and receive permanent attention from gardeners and
landscape artists.

Night-time walk, Japonese tales: After visiting the park during the day, take a stroll around the lake between darkness and light, punctuated by traditional Japanese tales for old and young. The walk takes about an hour and half. Last entry 11.30pm. The garden closes at half past midnight.

CHÂTEAU DE LA ROCHE RACAN – St Paterne Racan (37)

• To visit

The poet Racan, Honorat de Bueil, follower of Malherbe and member of the Académie Française, built this family country house which overlooks the peaceful valley of the Escotais from the great terrace supported by a series of arcades in 1636, with the help of Jacques Gabriel, from the famous family of architects.

CHATEAU D’USSE – Rigny Ussé (37)

• To Visit

Once upon a time there was a fairy tale-like castle, overlooking the Indre and the Loire, which was so magical that it inspired Charles Perrault in his Sleeping beauty fairy tale. Fallow in the footsteps of Vauban, Perrault, Chateaubriand, Le Nôtre and the de Blacas who still inhabit this prestigious château to this day.

LA GRANGE À DIME – Montreuil-Bellay (49)

• Where having lunch

A genuine 15th century Lord of the Manor’s barn where the “dîme” (rural tax) was collected. It has been a restaurant since 1995. Today the Grange à Dîme offers delicious local specialities, including the traditional fouée, fresh stuffed mushrooms, mogette beans with duck confit, farm produced goat cheese and fine wines from Anjou. Come and eat, drink and be merry, only a quarter of an hour from Saumur.

LE CADRE NOIR – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• To visit

The Cadre noir de Saumur has a full programme of guided tours, shows for the pubic and gala evenings.

During the guided visits, you’ll learn about the history of the Cadre Noir and discover the main facilities of the school.

Public performances and galas offer you the chance to appreciate the skill of the riders in the school’s main indoor arena.


• To visit

Saumur Troglonature offers a discovery of 3 sites in one place : The Museum of Mushroom, Stone and Light and The Gardens of Puygirault.

Each site is unique and offers a special visiting theme, the world of mushrooms for one, the most beautiful monuments of the Loire Valley carved in stone for the other, a journey into the history of vegetabke gardens for the newest.

3 authentic experiences to live the time of a day or few hours.


• To visit

Discover the magic of a balloon flight, this ball of air suspended in space…
Appreciate the amazing feeling of passing by the clouds…
Seeing the rising or setting of the majestic sun…
All this while flying over the magnificent Chateaux of the Loire Valley.

LE BIOPARC – Doué-la-Fontaine (49)

• To Visit

A park made-to-measure for threatened animals. Over 1500 animals live in an exceptional natural setting in the only troglodyte zoo in the world ! In a true mineral and vegetal labyrinth, our tunnels dug into the rock will lead you from one environment to the next. The animals live here at their own pace in XXL spaces : take time to explore their territories, you will be rewarded. During our activities, admire their natural behavior : there is no training, long live the spectacle of nature !

The Carnivores crater
After the African aviary inhabited by multicolored birds, explore a spectacular landscape housing Africa’s iconic wildlife ! Lions, cheetahs, meerkats, otocyons and porcupines roam a vast rocky territory made of domes and crevasses.

The rhino Valley
Go and meet the big fauna of African plains. Once you have walked past the pygmy hippos, go alongside the rhino valley dug out of the rock and watch the impressive black rhinos and the gazelles. Children will be able to stroke goats and have fun meeting mongooses on an unusual gallery tour !

South-American great aviary
Walk into the heart of the largest aviary in Europe and have an unforgettable immersion with 600 birds.
Flying space for 35 different bird species, this quarry has similar South-American rocky ecosystems and dry shores where penguins, aras, ibis and other flamingos cohabit.


• Wines

In the heart of the Saumur Champigny appellation, at Parnay, the Domaine de Rocheville welcomes you to spend an unforgettable moment in a family wine estate, Gold medal of the Trophies of Oenotourism.

The winery is in the contemporary architectural style, unique in the Loire valley, surrounded by vines and overlooking the Loire.

There are lots of things for you to do: stroll through the vines, visit the winery, enjoy musical gourmet events, or simply discover our wines with the Terra Vitis and Agriculture Biologique labels, which are renowned for their elegance and finesse.


• To Visit

Welcome to the private home of a 15th century prince. Le palais du Roi René (King René’s palace) is a new, exciting tour for all family, full of surprises, to show you what King René’s daily life was like. The castle in Angers where he ruled over the world from Anjou to Jérusalem is well know, but de you know the private residence where this learned prince liked to live, to receive his friends, to hunt and to write.

Discover the treasures and secrets of a hospital throughout the ages…
How were our ancestors cared for in the reign of Louis XIV, during the revolution, before the First World War and in teh sixties? The Hôtel-Dieu in Baugé-en-Anjou knew all these time. It can tell us the fascinating history… of healt. As a classified historial monument, the Hôtel-Dieu apothecary opened in 1675, and houses a collection of over 650jars, pillboxes and bottles, one of the richest of its time. Young and old will enjoy the myserious names of the contents, like dragon’s blood, crayfish eyes, and woodlouse powder.


• To visit

The Toussaint abbey church (13th century), restored in 1984 and covered with an impressive, modern glass roof, is home to the artworks of sculptor David d’Angers (1788-1856). The gallery, which brings together medallions, busts and monumental sculptures, offers visitors an overview of the different phases of the artist’s career : drawings, models, plaster casts, and sculptures in marble and bronze.

David d’Angers sculpted a large number of well-known historical figures in his lifetime, including: King René, Gutenberg, Bonaparte, Bonchamps, Goethe, Balzac, Stendhal, Lamartine, Chateaubriand, Paganini, Victor Hugo, etc.


• To visit

80 craftsmen can be found at the Maison d’Adam. The Maison des Artisans (house of the craftsmen) is installed in
the Maison d’Adam, a famous and magnificent, partly wooden house from the 15th century, and is the showcase for
the talent and creativity of more than 80 craftsmen: glass blowers, sculptors, jewellers, wood turners, potters and so
on. They have got together here to allow you to see the fruit of their work. Come on in – when you leave you will have
another wonderful memory of our region and be delighted by this visit to a very special place. Following the tradition
of the Angevin tapestry makers, the Maison d’Adam has a good choice of reproduction tapestries (The Lady and the
Unicorn, the Angers Apocalypse, Bayeux, etc.) and contemporary tapestries (patterns from Picasso, Klimt or Monet).
There is something to suit every budget. You are sure to find the ideal present here, either for yourself or to give to
someone else. Open all year long from 9:30 am to 7 pm except Sunday and Monday morning.


• To visit

This unique site in Europe, one among listed heritage sites, brings to light the astonishing roles of cave dwellings :
the great underground shelter at the time of the Vikings ; the chapel ; the «cathedral» caves ; the troglodytic farm ; the wine cellar and the oven, not forgetting the prestigious quarry of Merovingian sarcophagi discovered by archeologists.

You travel through 1500 years of history.

FLY VINTAGE – Saumur (9)

• Leasure

Overview of the Loire castles from Saumur.
You will be greeted by the pilot at Saumur airfield.
Premises with toilets are available for those accompanying the candidate for the flight.
The flight lasts 30 minutes but the time to «brief» the flight requires an hourly amplitude of 1 hour.

It is possible to take photos or film during the flight.

LOIRE VÉLO NATURE, L’écotourisme en Val de Loire

• Leasure

Bike hire
Loire Vélo Nature, bike hire company for 15 years !
With a fleet of more than 350 bikes, we rent our bikes in Bréhémont and we also operate between Orléans (Loiret) and Angers (Maine et Loire). We are open all year round from 15 March to 15 November, from 9am to 7pm (by reservation the rest of the year).

On this site you will find all our services related to the Loire by bike: reservations at the drop-off points, deliveries/repatriations, luggage tracking, accompaniment, etc.
Our team and all our partners take care of everything to ensure that you visit the Loire Valley in the best conditions.


• To Visit

A novel way to learn about the events of the Second World War, and the local Resistance. This is an unusual,
interactive display using audio documents, photos, audiovisual sources and multimedia screens to see into the heart of these dark years. Follow the tracks of the secret army to undestand the more recent past and observe the world of today.
Come and feel the winds of freedom. The audio documents are available in English.

CAVES VEUVE AMIOT – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• Wines

Dive into the heart of a fascinating site dug in tuffeau stone so close from Saumur. Your visit will lead you close to the making process*. In the middle of your guided tour, you will be able to admire the lighting effects of our advertising posters. Get ready for a moment outside of time ! *production site in operation according to the planning, consult us.

RESTAURANT DE LA CAVE AUX MOINES – Préban – Chênehutte (49)

• Where having lunch

The underground restaurant at the Cave aux Moines “Les Pieds Bleus” offers genuine regional specialities: fouées, flat bread cooked in wood fired ovens which you will enjoy garnished with regional products, just as in time gone by.

You will also be able to try, troglodyte style, the mushrooms grown in the restaurant cellars.


• To visit

Sites not be missed !

– The house where Théophraste Renaudot, dedicated to the life and work of the man who founded the French press and gave his name to the famous literary prize: the Renaudot Prize.
2 Petite rue du Jeu de Paume – 05 49 98 27 33 – musee.renaudot@ville-loudun.fr
– The former Sainte Croix Collegiate , a Romanesque church converted to a covered market in the 19th century, and now a centre for contemporary art and cultural events.
Place Saint-Croix – 05 49 98 62 00 – collegiale.ste.croix@ville-loudun.fr
– the Charbonneau-Lassay museum, open the door of this private mansion and you will find a rich and varied collection reflecting Loudun’s history…
24 rue du Martay – 05 49 98 08 48 – musee.charbonneau-lanssay@ville-loudun.fr
– The Square Tower, following a careful restoration, the Tour Carrée offers a unique panoramic view of the town. Don’t miss its mediaeval garden.
Rue de la Tour – 05 49 98 81 59 – culture@ville-loudun.fr

HUSKY DREAM – Doué-en-Anjou (49)

• Leasure

Open air activity with sledge dogs. Meet the dogs and learn the different breeds, then enjoy Husky Dream, dog sledging. Cani-randonnée : Pulled along by the sledge dogs guided by your voice, you will discover the countryside accompanied by the musher sharing their enthusiasm with you. Easily accessible for everyone over 6. Baby Buggy: the baby buggy means even children from 2 to 5 can join in.

LE LOUDUNAIS – Loudun (86)

• To visit

The activities that are offered in Pays Loudunais guarantee you authentic moments : the «Secrets de Pays» open the doors of sites usually closed to the public and the visits of Loudun city totally shifted awaken your senses !

New in 2022 : Live my life as a «winemaker» ! Come discover and share the key moments of a winery family all year round by reservation. Join us for an invitation from the winemakers in summer or on a hike to discover our beautiful vineyard on September 3.

PARC DE L’ETANG – Brissac Quincé (49)

• Leasure

Games and activities for all ages : trampolines, inflatable structures, pony rides, donkeys, goat garden, pedalos, ziplines, water slide, miniature train, mini-golf, mini-bobsleigh, a big maze, barefoot walks and more.

Lots of picnic tables and barbecues for you to use, guaranteeing a relaxing, fun day out for all the family.

• To Visit

Musical with horses

A show lasting more than 3 hours to amaze, amuse and delight adults and children alike. The cabaret offers an original creation combining art forms rarely found together, a cross between cabaret and circus. To enjoy the full experience, you can eat beforehand to the strains of live music. See the calendar of performances on www.orstella.com


• Where having lunch

You will discover a new underground world in the city of roses, near the « Mystère des Faluns » and the Center Parcs. You will be able to taste the local speciality: fouaces or fouées as much as you like in an old stone extraction quarry.

Visit of the underground with sound and light after the meal.


• To Visit

Not to be missed – the artists village is completely dedicated to contemporary creative arts and crafts. It is arranged on three levels : the creators’ shops are on the ground floor, the modern art gallery is on the first floor and the art library, with works of art for hiring, is on the second floor. Come and visit this unusual place in Maine et Loire where the accent is firmly on the artists and craftsmen.

LANGLOIS-CHATEAU – St Hilaire St Florent (49)

• Wines

Since 1885 the house of Langlois-Chateau has retained its family atmosphere and is as remarkable wine site.
The vines overlook the cellars, which are dug into the tuffeau.

The site offers ‘Behind the Scenes at the Winery’, a presentation in 4 acts :

1- Introduction to oenology in the wine school.
2- Visit of cellars with wine presses and fermenting tanks for white and red wines.
3- Visit of 300 meters of underground cellars, to understand the different stages of the traditional method.
4- Commentated, comparative tasting of still and sparkling wines.

MUSÉE HENRI BARRÉ – Thouars (79)

• To Visit

Musée Henri Barré has been installed since 1920 in a mansion built in the 19th century in the heart of a historic part of the city. It has retained some of its interior decor and the charm of a collector’s house. Temporary exhibition 2022 : Black & Red.

FAMILY PARK – Sorigny (37)

• To visit

Family Park is the amusement park for all your family !

Open from 09 April to 06 november 2022, with 45 attractions for you to enjoy. Water games, big wheel, circus show, pirate boat and many more – there is something for everyone at Family Park.

LE MYSTÈRE DES FALUNS – Les Perrières – Doué-en-Anjou (49)

• To Visit

The Perrières is famous for its monumental size and is now home to the spectacular “Mystery of the Faluns”*, which has
made it one of the most visited sites in Anjou. As you progress from cave to cave you will enjoy the magnificent beauty of the
site and its geological and human history.

You will be amazed by a series of imaginative works, blending art and science, plunging you into a magical underground and underwater world.

An informative film, exciting lighting, walls glowing blue, a ballet of jellyfish, a water mirror, a shark, a whale and atmospheric music… An unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Allow from 45 minutes to one hour

*One star in the 2021 Michelin Guide Vert

CABARET ORSTELLA – Fontaine Guérin (49)

• To Visit

A show lasting more than 3 hours to amaze, amuse and delight adults and children alike. The cabaret offers an original creation combining art forms rarely found together, a cross between cabaret and circus. To enjoy the full experience, you can eat beforehand to the strains of live music.

See the calendar of performances on www.orstella.com


• Where having lunch

The Caves de Marson were created since 1987 and still serve the traditional « fouées ». Mme and Mr Noyer, look forward to welcoming you to this superb, candlelit restaurant in a cave in Marson, the « fouée » capital. The ideal place for a lively meal with friends or family, 5 minutes from Cadre Noir and 10 minutes from Saumur. Booking recommended.